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Our individual and collective attempt to name, share, identify and language our experiences often leads us away from exploration and toward conceptualization. Esotericbody is about returning to imagination, rest and permission for creative endeavoring. The endless stimulation, speed, and saturation of distractions in our shared world have created such aggression, depletion, and disassociation. We seek to guide toward an experience of awe and wonder.


Esotericbody exploration offers three distinct embodied experiences, yoganidra, art and gong, to access and explore more rarefied and subtle levels of consciousness. Each 30 minute experience is available for unlimited streaming for 28 days.* A chosen symbol is used as the catalyst for exploration in each month's original guided yoganidra and art making experience. The monthly gong bath that we play and record facilitates effortless access to the esotericbody. 


Experienced individually or as a collective, esotericbody exploration allows one to be alone with one’s self, to be at ease, be creative, be relaxed and cultivate a hosting space for an integrated experience of one’s subtle states of mind, heart, body, and creative activity. Through the practice of these profound methods, one has the opportunity to experience the transformative effects of freeing energy for benefit.


*Play around and experiment with the order and way you use the three esotericbody experiences.

             Although we have attempted to be responsive to the way the use of symbols and these practices can be provocative,
we encourage you to trust yourself to determine if and when they are too powerful.
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