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Radical permission to create. This is about developing intention to discover the inner/outer worlds through guided art making. Art making is meditation and inquiry, beneficial for emotional well being, encouraging concentration, dissolution of stress, spacial awareness and release of emotions in an engaged quiet space. From the sphere of imagination into material form. Practicing process, not outcome. Experiencing a way to explore symbols, forms, impressions, emotions, images and concepts through creating. Too few have been given the opportunity to nurture our intrinsic need to be creative. Art making awakens and enlivens deep parts of our selves. Art in its varied mediums has the capacity to deconstruct and express myriad experiences. 


This can get messy, so work on a flat surface covered with cardboard or a cloth. On your surface, will be your paper/canvas/or cardboard, paints, brushes, and all other art materials. You will be guided through a sequential experience with specific suggestions that allow for an exploration of symbology and image. By design, this process creates  space for deviation, interpretation and expression. Art materials Investment $25-$50, which will last for 12 experiences. For an art materials list, look here.


Or, have the experience of art making in your imagination/mind. Yes, we are encouraging you to know that this is art making. Art and creativity happen in the esoteric interdependently with physical reality.  The field of imaginative play is rich, meaningful, necessary and helps to illuminate mind.


Art making is a way to record the meaning and embedded qualities of symbology. The psyche loves the process of making art using line, shape, pattern, movement, light, shadow, contrast, perspective and color. When we make art, energy and information expressing from our esoteric body moves through our hands to record rich explorations that already happened, along with insights arising in the present moment. Art making is gesture/mudra, the vehicle for symbols that give meaning to our experience and is an exciting way to play with the tension of creation. In art making we expand our understanding of symbols that are vital to us.